Show report – True Stories Told Live, Tues March 25th, 2014

4 Apr

I’m going to be totally honest – I thought this show would be less busy than the last.
Then the CBC got in touch and asked me to be Here & Now to talk about TSTL… and also, loads of wonderful people showed up. Thank you!

TSTLTO! L-R: Stephanie Fowler; Francis Brian Shaw; Raven Shields; Marsha Shandur; Paul Hutcheson; Sage Tyrtle

TSTLTO! L-R: Stephanie Fowler; Francis Brian Shaw; Raven Shields; Marsha Shandur; Paul Hutcheson; Sage Tyrtle

Sage Tyrtle was first on the stage, telling us, what was almost a true horror story, based in the time she, her husband and their baby lived in a yurt in the woods. To find out more about Sage, her upcoming show in the Soulo Festival, and her LIFE-CHANGING storytelling workshops, go to

Next, Francis Brian Shaw confessed to having worked in McDonald’s in his youth, told us some of the pranks he got up to – and how he got to remind old friends of them when they least expected it. You can find him on twitter @FBSisnothere and on facebook HERE.

Our musician was Raven Shields. You know when you’re a music-obsessed kid and there’s one band you LOVE? Raven does, and she got to play with them – THE band – when she was still at school. A lovely story of a dream come true, and a beautiful song to seal it in. Find out more about her band, Dear Sister, on their site, and their bandcamp page, HERE.

Stephanie Fowler spent years living in Hong Kong, in a Golden Handcuffs kind of job. Her story was about this, the good and the bad, and the point where she realised she didn’t have to base her decisions on what other people thought. The amazing company that she founded within her new-found freedom is here:

Finally, Paul Hutcheson had us gasping and literally SCREAMING with horror and laughter. One of my favourite ever TSTLTO moments happened when, after he said, “and my stomach did this – double-flip“, a group of people in one corner of the audience all went, “UH-OH”. It was so awesome. I don’t know the last time I’ve laughed that hard and that long. You can find Paul on twitter @WogProductions and Facebook HERE. I recommend you do.

Finally, the video I asked you to help me make is up on my site. It features you lot, and George Clooney. (sort of)

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone that came. You were truly an AMAZING audience – those storytellers that do this a lot couldn’t get over how amazing.

Next show is Tuesday April 29th, then we’re off until July. So hopefully see you there!


PS If you’re interested to know what else I get up to – and see more silly videos like that one – you can take a look at my website, where I teach people how to do networking that’s actually FUN, here:

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