Links I promised from March’s show!

25 Mar

What a show! If you came, THANK YOU for being the most incredible audience in this wonderful city. You RULE!

A full report will go up in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, here are all the links I promised you from last night’s show:

The Toronto Storytelling Festival, which starts this friday & runs to April 6th:
The show I’m doing this Saturday in the East end (Queen & Parliament) is here:
Sage Tyrtle (Bear; Yurt)’s site (including info on her LIFE-CHANGING storytelling workshops) is here:
You can find Francis Brian Shaw (MaccyD’s; Sauce Bros) here: and on twitter here:
Raven Sheilds(School band; THE Band; Woodstock)’s band Dear Sister are:
Stephanie Fowler(Honk Kong)’s company (one of the amazing things she was brave enough to do after the incidents of her story) is here:
Also, it was only the second time she’s ever told a story on stage EVER. Isn’t that amazing??
Paul Hutcheson (emergency bathroom need; new sweetheart sees it all) is on facebook here:, and on twitter here:
Finally, my website where I show you how to do networking that’s actually fun and make the blogs that sometimes feature you lot is:
And below is a video I made that featured a previous TSTL audience (the “open me!” bit).

A particular thanks for everyone who got involved in the Story Discussion Group – we’ll definitely make this a regular thing! You’ll even get your own chairs assigned next time.

And thanks to my amazing Story Commander Olivia Rafferty, who holds the whole event together at the seams, and reduces my stress-level by about 40,000,000 %.

And of course all the ridiculously talented storytellers!

But mostly to you, for being literally the best audience in Toronto. I’m so happy you’re in the True Stories Told Live family

Next show Tues April 29th @ The Garrison!

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