Future show dates, nice piece in the U of T magazine

13 Feb

Thanks to everyone who came to our first show at The Garrison. Man, there were SO many of you! I honestly had thought that, after two months off (and without the momentum of the BlogTO piece) only about 30 people would turn up, but it was about 140!

Thanks also for being so awesome, so respectful during the stoires, and so game. If you’re interested to see the video you starred in for YesYesMarsha.com (where, in my other role, I teach people to actually enjoy networking), you can see it here:


I’ll put a full report on here before the next show. But in the meantime, there’s a pretty good one in the Victoria College / U of T paper The Strand, on page 11 HERE. Exuberant, eh? I’ll take that!

Finally, the next few dates for True Stories Told Live – slightly wonky because I’m away in May:

Tuesday March 25th

Tuesday April 29th

Tuesday July 29th

It’s always the last Tuesday of the month, just not every month.

If you’d like to make sure you get a reminder, you can join the facebook group here:

or sign up for the VERY INFREQUENT mailer here (I don’t post more than twice a month, and rarely that often):

If you’d like to tell a story, all the details are HERE:



PS if you’d love to learn more about the other stuff I do – showing you how to do networking that doesn’t make you want to cry/lock yourself in the washrooms all night – then you can here:


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