Want To Tell A Story?

I truly believe that everybody has one great story inside them.

At every True Stories Told Live show, we have at least one person who has either never been on stage before, or never been on stage telling a true story about themselves.

I meet up with each storyteller for a couple of hours, a month before the show, and we go through the story together, shaping it.
The storyteller then has a month to practise the story – making it less scary to perform (if indeed it ever was for them)

At the moment, I’m booked up until late-2017 (as in, next year). But what I’m doing is putting people in provisionally, and then saying I’ll get in touch a couple of months beforehand, to check that they’re still free, then arrange meeting up. Although, if you’re a  musician (who wants to tell a story about a song, then sing/play the song) I’m likely to fit you in sooner – so mention that.

If you would like to tell a story – or even ask me a little more about the process, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. The two stipulations are (1) that you’ve been to at least one show before you tell your story and can prove it by telling me about a story you heard, and (2) that you’re willing to sit down with me in advance. Have a look on the news page to find out when the next show is.

I’m Marsha, and you can find me on marsha@yesyesmarsha.com



(you can find out more about me and the other stuff I do at YesYesMarsha.com )

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