True Stories Told Live, September 25th, 2013

21 Oct

What a cosy, busy evening!

L-R: Lisa Bozikovic, Amanda Wyman, Kimberley Huie, Bonnie Chan, Zebulon Pike, Marsha Shandur

L-R: Lisa Bozikovic, Amanda Wyman, Kimberley Huie, Bonnie Chan, Zebulon Pike, Marsha Shandur

Amanda Wyman kicked off the show, with a story of living near a seniors home full of “characterful” residents, and her face-off with a particularly LOUD one. Bonnie Chan then told us how she turned her first year wedding anniversary party into a Law Of Attraction celebration – and used the Law Of Attraction to make it happen. Like me, Bonnie shows people how to do networking that’s both successful AND fun – and you can find out more about how, here: Our musical turn for the night was Lisa Bozikovic, who told us about a rough time at school which could have been emotionally disabling – but, due to some youthful psychological coping mechanisms, she survived. She then sang a song so good, I could barely speak to her afterwards. You can hear some of her (amazing) music on her website, here:

The second half began with Kimberly Huie making us salivate, then (in my case) cry a little, as she recounted a foodie trip, the last with her beloved mum. Kimberley is, among other things, a brilliant actor, and you can find her website at Our final story came from Zebulon Pike – a gent who Blog TO called a “seasoned storyteller”. He gave us a story about being an awkward teenager – and how he had the chance to spend his summers being non-awkward – and, let’s face it, a bit of a rock star – in the Faroe Islands.

The next show – the last of 2013 – is on Weds October 30th. It’d be lovely to see you there. Find out more HERE.

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