True Stories Told Live October – last of 2013

10 Oct

The last TSTL of 2013, and it’s going to be a busy (and awesome) one!

Come and join us, for free, on Wednesday October 30th. Five lovely stories, one song, a sweet crowd, a super bar and the best coffee in Toronto.

After the Blog TO piece, it’s likely to be a busy one, so if you want to guarantee a seat, come a little early.
(The Common is the kind of cafe where you can come alone with a book or a computer, and no one will think you’re peculiar)

The show starts 7.30pm, stories start 8pm sharp, whole thing finished by 9.30pm (you can be in bed by 10).

Weds October 30th @ The Common on Bloor, 1028 Bloor Street (by Dovercourt, near Dufferin)


Turns for this month:

Irma Gagnon
Alan Cross
Laura Repo
Laura Di Girolamo
Lisa Schwartzman

Hosted by me, Marsha Shandur, of

If you’re on facebook, there’s an event page here:

Also please do join our  Facebook group:

If you want to find out about each new show, there’s a quiet mailing list (you won’t hear from me more than twice a month, and often not even that much) here:
See you there!

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