Tues July 28th, next show! Online — details below.

15 Jul

Toronto’s biggest storytelling show is back again — online and into your living room!

Five storytellers will take you to places and live experiences you never thought possible (especially now!) and make you feel connected to other humans in a way that feels more essential now than ever.

Mostly, they’ll make you feel connected to other humans in a way that feels essential.

This show will happen both on Zoom and (tech-willing) on Facebook live in our group. To guarantee you can see it (because we have no control over Facebook’s tech), watch it on Zoom (and get to look into everyone else’s living rooms) — you’ll need to get a ticket here: https://artery.is/showcases/truestoriesjuly20

These are PWYC with a suggested donation of $15CAD (but really, pay what you *can) with proceeds being split between the performers, producers and volunteer helpers whose income has been impacted by this pandemic, and with Grassy Narrows First Nation.

The Facebook live is obviously free, so you’re paying your PWYC donation both for the good karma, and to get to peek at other people’s living rooms. It’s a pretty lovely experience!


Tues July 28th @ 7:30pm—9pm ET / 4.30–6pm PT

On Zoom — info on how to join sent when you get a ticket.

Jeff Harry
Lindsay Fischer
Naseem Hrab
A story and a MAGIC TRICK from Scott Hammell
Headliner: Jillian Welsh

Hosted by me, Marsha from YesYesMarsha.com

If this show has taught me anything over the last 7 years it’s that, in BANANAS times when everything feels uncertain and weird and sometimes terrifying, listening to stories together makes everything feel better.

The plan is to ask you to assemble at 7:25ish ET. If you can’t make it for the start of the show, you’ll be let onto the call as soon as the current storyteller has finished. As much as possible, it would be amazing if you can stay for the whole thing — and the stories I’ve lined up mean you’ll be glad you did.

Again, if you’d like to be on the Zoom call, please get a ticket here: https://artery.is/showcases/truestoriesjuly20 (PWYC). Or if it’s full (or if you really aren’t able to contribute) and if Facebook works this time (last time it took an hour!) then you’ll find the Facebook live in our group, here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/truestoriestoronto

Friends, it’s a pretty wild world at the moment. I’m so glad we have the technology to be able to come together anyway, and let our brains be carried off to different places by these five wonderful stories.

SEE YOU ON Tues July 28th! Spread the word!

See the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1591757427671801/

(photo: Cedric Blondeau from Unsplash.com)

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