Save the date: next show, Tues Sept 19th (& links)

28 Jun

Next show Tues Sept 19th – details coming soon!

11 TSTTLTO June 2017.jpg


THANK YOU to everyone who came along for the June show. What a WONDERFUL time we had!!

Here are links as promised:

Evan Carter​ (supporting Dionne Warwick) can be found on his website and on twitter

Norman Perrin​ (fish mine)’s show is during the Fringe – details here:

Erin Rodgers​ is on twitter Her (our!) show “Tough” is on at the Winnipeg Fringe here: and we’ll be showing it in Toronto in October.
She’s also worth a follow on Facebook, as she is hilarious

Finally, Hisham Kelati​ (badass mom) is on Twitter and Instagram
AND he has a Friday night show at the Underground Comedy Club “New Material Comedy Show” at 11PM

Follow him now so you can show off to your friends in years to come that you knew him way back when.

Finally, our Artist In Residence, Natalie Czerwinski​ can be found for House Portrait commissions and prints on her website and instagram and Instagram

We’ll have more posters at the next show – or if you’re desperate for one and can come to one of the coffee shops of West Toronto, message me and I’ll get one to you!

I, as always, can be found at Yes Yes Marsha​ on my site, on instagram, or you can follow me on Facebook – pretty much everything I post is public.

Thank you SO MUCH! Next show is TUES SEPT 19th!
If you want a heads-up, join the infrequent mailing list at



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