Save the date – next show June 27th! Plus links from last show

7 Jun

Next show June 27th! Details coming soon!

1 1 1 TSTO May 2017 nice

Thank you to everyone who came along last Tuesday! Thanks for continuing to be THE BEST AUDIENCE in Toronto.

Here are links!

Talib Hussain​ (first love/India trip) does both business and relationship coaching, and writes an excellent blog. Here’s a post about another relationship he had.. with Sour Key candies

AHI​ (composed the song for the lovers) can be found on his website (and all social) at

Ted Morris​ (inappropriate musician) is on social media everywhere as @dogtorted – find him on Twitter here: and look out for him at the Spirits Bar & Grill​ Pride show

Paul Hutcheson​ (boyfriend likes tea) runs an EXCELLENT comedy show at The Steady Cafe & Bar​ on Bloor (near Dufferin) called “Hutch & Friends”. Next one is June 23rd – keep up with him on twitter here:

If you want to get some free storytelling tips, you can on my Yes Yes Marsha​ site at
I also send out weekly advice and stories – sign up (and get my free guide for how to remember names) at

Also, if you work for an organisations (corporate or NGO/non-profit) and are interested in having me come in and teach your guys about the power of (and how-to of) storytelling, I’d be DELIGHTED to chat – email me

Next show is June 27th! Details coming soon. You can be reminded of them if you join our very infrequent email list at

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