Save the date! Tue March 28th, plus links from Feb

28 Feb
Next show is Tues March 28th, part of the Toronto Storytelling Festival! More details as they come.
THANK YOU to everyone who came for the Feb show – what an ASTONISHING audience you were!!!
Here are links as promised:
Tom Hobson (Sex Genius) is on Twitter, @meisatom:
David Keystone (Snaps and Guatemala) is on youtube here:
and on Snapchat (SNAPS!) here:
Also, check out his AMAZING series KidsOn, where he asks kids dating advice. It’s adorable and hilarious. Here:
Find Kat Lucas‘s excellent band Toy Daggers here:
And Rhiannon Archer (Feb 29th bday) is here:
Also, Rhiannon is running a full-day storytelling workshop you should go to! Here:
All the details for the Toronto Storytelling Festival are here:
Finally, come and join our infrequent mailing list, here:
Next show, Tues March 28th! See you there! 🙂

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