Links from last show – and Save The Date! Tues Nov 29th

31 Oct

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came out to the Ghost Stories show last night!

Our next show will be Tuesday November 29th.


Here are links and things from last night, as promised:

Ben Soper (haunted dog walk/witchy teen love) is on twitter, here: @BenSoper

Sage Tyrtle (subway heroism)’s next show High Stakes Storytelling November 22 is going to be a smasher, and features a story that starts as someone wakes up from a coma. It’s on Nov 22nd, here:

Dan Yashinsky (frightening small children with folk tale) is the Director of the Toronto Storytelling Festival, which runs March 24th – April 2nd. More here:

If you like horror, sci-fi, fantasy and ladies, Laura Di Girolamo is the co-exec director of The Bloody Mary Film Festival, a new film fest for female filmmakers working in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. They have two nights of shorts and features on November 3 and 4 at the Carlton Cinema, and people can buy tickets in advance via their website at and learn more about the festival at!

Zebulon Pike (naked greek statue) is on Twitter, here:

And I also mentioned two more storytelling shows that he’s telling at soon:

Confabulation is on Wednesday – Confabulation (TO) presents: Playing the Villain, here:

And he’s doing Erin Rodgers EXCELLENT show Storystar on Sunday Dec 11th. They don’t yet have an event page, but check out the blog, that includes interviews with Janine Brito and Kevin Allison of RISK! Here:

Finally, you can find a comprehensive list of ALL the storytelling shows in Toronto on Sage Tyrtle’s website, here:

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