Important news about the future of True Stories Told Live

6 Sep

Sweet True Stories Family!

Next show is Tues Sept 20th. Before then:

I have two big changes. Name change and price (/charging at all) change:


When the show True Stories Told Live began, back in London in September, 2009, The Moth (the world’s biggest storytelling show) did not have a tagline. Now it does, and it’s the same as the name of our show. For a while, we soldiered on – legally, we were fine to use it, and we knew we hadn’t nicked it off them.

But people sometimes think we have. And that has become prevalent enough to be reason to want to change it.

From now on, we’re going to be called the name that is already our website address:

True Stories Toronto

There’ll be a small transition period, where you’ll see the words Told Live written small, or bracketed in places. Then, hopefully, it’ll stick.


We ran as a free-entry show for years. Then we tried charging.

We liked – actually, LOVED – being able to pay our performers. We (and by “we”, I mean, I, me, Marsha) LOVED being able to pay our up-until-then-volunteers team.

But, for a variety of reasons, it’s not working for us.

So we’re going back to being a free show, with one exception:

Every year, our Halloween show, GHOST Stories Told Live Toronto, will be ticketed as a fundraiser for the rest of the year. There are a bunch of non-recuperable expenses in putting the show on (videographer, equipment, hours and hours and hours of unpaid work), so this’ll go some way to paying for those. In fact – tickets for this year’s Halloween show (on Sunday Oct 30th) are on sale now, HERE:

See next post for details of the next show, which is Tues Sept 20th @ The Garrison!


PS if you want to get free advice on telling compelling stories, find out more about the work I do, helping people tell their personal stories for their business, websites or stage talks – or be coached for a story and avoid the two year waiting list for this show – hop over to

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