Links from June show! (next show Sept 20th)

29 Jun
Sweet friends!
Thanks so much for coming out this evening. What a LOVELY (shocking, hilarious) show!
Here are the links, as promised:
Rhiannon Archer (tonsils)’s show Life Records is on in August, here:
she’ll also be telling a story (alongside me! And other TSTL favourites like Zebulon Pike, Faisal Butt and Sage Tyrtle), at Press Gang Storytelling at the Fringe, here:
Arianne Shaffer (imaginary joint)’s show is called A Lover Improper, and you can find it here on FB:
and on her website
Alex Lukashevsky, our musician, is on Facebook here: Alex Lukashevsky and you can hear more music (and buy some!) here on bandcamp – the song he sang is track 4 on this album:
Christel Bartelse (scaru gyneys)’s show is called All KIDding Aside at The Toronto Fringe, find it here”
Graham Isador (stand up drops pants) is running his Pressgang Storytelling at Toronto Fringe – the one I mentioned above – and I’ll be telling a story, along with LOADS of storytellers you love. Come along one night!
Jon Bennett (gig in a nursing home)’s show is called Jon Bennett: FIRE in the METH LAB at Toronto Fringe. Find it here:
Finally, our TRUE STORIES TOLD LIVE PODCAST!!! Can be found, here:
Thanks again! Next show Tues Sept 20th. Details coming soon, or get informed by joining our very infrequent mailing list, here:

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