Save the date May 31st! / Links for the March show

30 Mar

Next show is Tuesday, May 31st at The Garrison! To get a reminder of the show two weeks (and then, two days) before the show, please join our infrequent mailing list, here:


True Stories Told Live line-up, Tues March 29th, 2016. L-R: Rick Fishell, Zoe McKnight, Sage Tyrtle, Paul Hutcheson, Adil Dhala and Marsha Shandur.

THANK YOU to everyone who came along to the show this month! Today, I’m a warm, happy blob of emotion, feeling so much love for humans and their stories and human stories.

Here are the links for the storytellers:

Zoe McKnight (who should NOT have been watching that movie on the plane):
is on Twitter, here: @zoemck

Rick Fishell (not burying a gun) doesn’t have a blog or a twitter account, but I’m really hoping he writes a book, so when he does, I’ll post it here!

Adil Dhala (love; community): – CSI is the (AMAZING) organisation he works for and talked about, aka the Centre for Social Innovation (of which I am a community member and you can be too!). – is the storytelling show that featured in his story – one of the best in our city! They also have a Facebook group, here:

And if you live in Regent Park – or know someone who does – here are the details for the Community Potluck:

Sage Tyrtle (who made you cry/ wee out of your eyes): is her website. If you’re seeing this before Sat 2nd April, come (with me!) to see her incredible solo show this weekend, by getting tickets at

Paul Hutcheson (who made you laugh until you wee):
has a monthly show at Glad Day called Hutch and Friends, and the next one is next Friday April 8th! Here’s the Facebook event:

And you can find out more about me, Marsha, and read blogs and watch videos on powerful storytelling (and networking that’s actually FUN) at


If YOU would like some help telling your story (on stage or online), have a look at how I can help you do that, here:
Thanks again for coming! See you on May 31st – more info for that show as it comes.


PS lots more stories over at

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