Save the date, March 29th! Plus links for the storytellers from Jan 26th show

26 Jan
Thanks so much to everyone who came along on Jan 26th – what a show! Links from storytellers are below.
Our next show is Tuesday March 29th. More details as they come, but put it in your calendar now and, if you’d like a reminder one week before (and again on the morning of the show), sign up for our very infrequent mailing list, here:
Now, to the links!
Allyson Reid (Spiral Perm)’s amazing video-producing company (for businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs):
Judie Oron (Ethiopia)’s website (including details about her book) is:
Find out more on how to get involved in the cause, here:
Roots of Empathy website:
Her own website:
Erica Ross (Bali ocean) is here:
Merlye Evans (U2 youth in the AGO) is at:
Other Amazing Shows Upcoming that I mentioned:
Tinder Tales, Feb 8th:
416 Dating, Feb 16th:
Sage Tyrtle’s High Stakes Storytelling
Thanks again for coming along!

If you’re interested to know what I do when I’m not running this – or YOU have a story that needs to be told (onstage, or on your website) – you can find out more, here:

Thanks! See you March 29th.


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