Links for Sept show! (Save the date for October 27th GHOST Stories Told Live!)

23 Sep
TSTL Sept 23rd 2015

L-R: Christel Bartelse, Joanna Tence, Amish Patel, Brian Finch, Sage Tyrtle, Graham Isador, Marsha Shandur

Thanks so much for coming!

Here are the links from the Sept show. Thanks SO MUCH for everyone who came along – and to our wonderful storytellers and AMAZING Team TSTL.

Christel Bartelse​ (Thailand story) can be found here:

Brian Finch​’s AMAZING storytelling show is Dare Storytelling​.
More here:

Sage Tyrtle​’s new storytelling show is here:

Joanna Tence​ has a Facebook page here:, and a Bandcamp (where you can hear THE ep!!), here:

Graham Isador​ runs the WONDERFUL Pressgang Theatre​ and Pressgang show at Handlebar:

Finally, Amish Patel​’s facebook page is Fade to Brown​, his website is, and the comedy show he mentioned (which is headlined by one of my favourite stand ups, Mark Little​) is Tues Oct 20th at The Drake, here:

Thanks again for coming along! If you’d like to become a CHAIR MASTER, drop me an email to

Next show is Tues Oct 27th – GHOST Stories Told Live. Details here soon, or join the infrequent mailing list, here:

See you then!


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