Save the date! Next show, Tues Sept 22nd, 2015 (plus links from June show)

2 Jul

We’re taking a little break for the Summer, but will be back on Tues Sept 22nd.

In the meantime, you can
(a) Check out some of the other AMAZING storytelling shows in Toronto (Sage Tyrtle has a very comprehensive list on her site, here:


(b) Watch some stories from past shows, in the news feed below, or over on our YouTube channel, here:

If you’d like to get a reminder about the next show, you can join our (pleasantly infrequent) email list, here:

For those who came along to the June 30th show, here are all the links:

TSTL June 30th 2015

Our musician Joanne Morra can be found at, and her residency is 1st Thurs of every month at Gate 403 Bar & Grill in Roncy.

Jen Cook (badass MacGyver biker) is actually an incredible vocal coach, who works both with professionals and people who’ve just always wanted to sing, at:

Thanks also to Waleed Kattan, Elliott Allen and Coco Zimmerman!

If you were inspired by my stories of volunteering at the Adult Day Centre at West Toronto Support Services, you can find out more about volunteering here (and please spread the word! We have a lot of outings in summer (WHICH ARE SO CUTE), so need lots of volunteers):

The amazing storytellers who did 1.5 min sets are doing Fringe shows, here
Graham Isador (“Happy birthday dear…Customer”)

Jon Bennett (tried to put the balls in too/acid in the parson’s tea)

Sam S. Mullins (show he almost scrapped has been NOMINATED FOR A BLOODY COMEDY AWARD)

No Lights No Lycra Toronto (dancing in the pitch black) is every Monday evening at Dovercourt House, find out more by joining the group here:

Have a LOVELY Summer and we’ll see you on the 22nd.


TSTL by Connie T June 30th 2015

(this last photo by Connie Tsang, from her spectacular Instagram account, that you can find here: @conniemtsang)

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