VIDEO: Customs Comedian and Transatlantic Puss

7 May

Quick reminder that our next show is Tuesday June 30th at The Garrison.

Today’s videos are two stories that I re-tell all the time to friends who couldn’t make the show.

First up, comedian Rick Jones tells my favourite Customs story OF ALL TIME:

You can find out about Rick’s upcoming shows, hire him to MC, do stand up, and/or write your best man’s speech, and more at

Secondly, Wayne Hendry tells us the perils of trying to transport a cat on a several hours-long plane journey (hint: choose your pants carefully).

Our next show is Tues June 30th at the Garrison. If you want details sent to you in advance – and a short reminder on the day of the show (or the day before), then sign up to our (very infrequent) email list here:

See you then!


PS if you want to find out more about what I do when I’m not running this show for free, you can at

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