What’s it like to tell a story at True Stories Told Live Toronto?

15 Aug

Ever wondered what it’s like to tell a story at True Stories Told Live?

Deborah-Ann Armstrong, who opened the last show, has written a lovely, short piece about it, here:


When I agreed to tell my story at True Stories Told Live, I didn’t anticipate just what this would mean.

The process of telling a story amongst a hundred other storytellers becomes more than the simple unfolding I expected. As you unravel the details of your story, everyone else becomes deeply woven in. As I spoke, I could feel the intensity of a hundred other people weaving that story with me. Together, we twist the threads of meaning and experience; me thinking of you, thinking of me, thinking of you, thinking…together we are creators of all that we know.

This is a process that is both exhilarating and comforting. Through storytelling, we make ourselves vulnerable. And, when we are vulnerable, others come to lie down with us. In our revealing, others lay themselves bare. We are all just animals with our bellies exposed. This is a truth so simple and yet so profound.

I left TSTL nourished and changed. The drinks are good, the jokes are good, and the existential awakening just can’t get any better.

– Deborah-Ann Armstrong

PS next show Monday 29th Sept at The Garrison!

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