Impromptu, secret(ish) show at Dufferin Grove Firepit, Tues 17th!

10 Jun

On a bit of a whim, I’ve decided to have a show around the fire pit at Dufferin Grove.

We’re only legally allowed 50 people there, so I’ve not put posters up, and am only announcing it now. As we’re a bit tight for space, I’d hold off holding your Staff Summer Party at this one. But I’d love to see you there. All the storytellers are seasoned and brilliant – I’ll remind you of which you’ve seen before:


Tuesday 17th June @ Dufferin Grove Fire pit



Sage Tyrtle
Becky Bays
Clare Farmer
Marilla Wex
Paul Hutcheson

Hosted by me, Marsha Shandur

(Bring Your Own Marshmallows)

(and byot – Bring Your Own Tarpaulin. But don’t byob – we don’t want to get shut down. Thanks!)

Limit: 50 people!

Here are those reminders:

Sage Tyrtle recently told the story of living in the yurt with her two year old – and will here, be telling a kid-friendly story.

Becky Bays will be telling one of my favourite True Stories OF ALL TIME. She’s a very funny lady.

Clare Farmer a few months ago, played guitar and told us the HILARIOUS story about singing at the wedding of her room-mate and the room-mates husband-slash-professor

Marilla Wex is one of the best storytellers I know and, if she’s telling the one I hope she is, has ROYALTY in her story

Paul Hutcheson at March’s TSTL told the story about the first visit to his sweetheart’s parents, and how his stomach didn’t agree with the evening, that had the whole of The Garrison literally SCREAMING with laughter.


See you there!

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