True Stories Told Live #4 Report – Wednesday July 31st, 2013

3 Sep

True Stories Told Live July was HEAVING!

L-R: Chloe Creavalle, Teagan Gacuk, Alicia Cox Thomson, Sage Tyrtle, Chris Budd, Marsha Shandur

Everyone was squeezed into The Common and, after some technical hitches, we began the stories unusually un-amplified. Thankfully, the massive crowd did a perfect job of being completely silent in the quiet bits (though still laughing and gasping in all the right places). Added to this, low lighting that night meant we all felt quite a lot like we were around a camp fire. (This has given me plans to do a TSTL around the fire pit in Dufferin Grove next summer. I’ll keep you posted!)

Chloe Creavalle kicked off with a beautifully moving story about how the death of her parent’s parent – specifically her mum’s dad – made her see her ma in a completely different light. No longer just Mother and Provider, but now Daughter, Wife, Woman.

Alicia Cox Thomson then took us to Rome and a school theatre trip, where her bunch of teenagers in black unitards almost got arrested for reenacting the book of genesis (X begat Y births and all). Totally odd and totally hilarious.

Chris Budd then had us in stitches and swooning, as he told us how he proposed to his (now) wife, and almost had her fall out with her own mother in the process. Although not a musician by trade, he was our musical turn for the night, as part of the proposal involved a ukelele, an ipod with a backing track he’d sung himself, and some new lyrics to an old song. I strongly suggest you look at his (brilliant, by the way) new music blog, and you can find his fantastic music publishing company Bearsuit at

After the break, Teagan Gacuk made us all clutch our hearts in empathy at her story of how mean elementary friends can be, then punch the air as she triumphed through, and eventually realised it was the best thing that could have happened. You can find Teagan – and learn how to pronounce her last name – at

Finally, the lady I always call “Sort of the Queen Of Storytelling in Toronto – except she’s much too nice and normal to be a Queen”, Sage Tyrtle made us gasp, laugh, cry, and then cheer so loudly that strangers looked in from the street, as she told us about a love story, played out through the early days of the internet, and still going strong today. You can find out more about Sage at and, if you like storytelling, you MUST do her BRILLIANT (and very reasonably priced) workshop. Next one is September 21st, find out more HERE.

The night was hosted by me, Marsha Shandur. You can find out what else I do (and how to network in a way that’s actually fun) at

Thank you SO much to all the turns, and to you if you came and were one of the fantastic audience members.

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