Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 – Launch Night!

1 Mar
L-R: Rachael Cardiello, Martha O'Neill, Rob Schulz, Marsha Shandur, Jonathan Ackerley, Joanne Swisterski

L-R: Rachael Cardiello, Martha O’Neill, Rob Schulz, Marsha Shandur, Jonathan Ackerley, Joanne Swisterski

We had a very special and lovely launch night down at The Common.

Jonathan Ackerley told a hilarious and very visual story about the social dangers of an Alaskan fishing trip. Rob Schulz followed with a wise cautionary tale from the Snowmageddon of earlier in the month, in which we learnt that, when choosing a snow-ploughing company – especially if you’re a multi-national corporation – don’t go with the lowest bidder. Our first ever musical turn was the awesome Rachael Cardiello, who talked about vacationing on small-town New Jersey beach, where she and her family were the whitest/most sunburnt people there. She then sang the beautiful accompanying song, an apology to any children she might have – both about global warming and the quality of skin they would inherit. You can hear more of her music, and keep up with her movements on her website.

Joanne Swisterski kicked off the second half, with some undisputed proof that an overwhelming admiration for Douglas Coupland can make even the most law-abiding citizen get into mischief. The night was perfectly brought to a close by brilliant stand up comedian Martha O’Neill, telling us about a teenage encounter she had with James Brown – actual James Brown – and some sweaty clowns. You can find out more about her and upcoming shows on her website.

The host for the night was Marsha Shandur.

Thank you very much to all of you who came down. The next True Stories Told Live Toronto will be on Wednesday April 24th at The Common. If you think you’d like to tell a story at a future TSTL night – even if you’ve never done anything like this before – please get in touch:

If you’re on facebook, please come and join our group:

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